Arrest Record

ILLEGAL CONTRABAND TRAFFICKING – Arrested 2011. Caught with crates of stolen medical supplies during transport in Cypress Flats neighborhood of Los Santos.

Suspected Activities

RACKETEERING – 2016-Present. Member of Damned Heathens Motorcycle Club, ongoing criminal enterprise.

MARIJUANA CULTIVATION – Key figure in marijuana drug distribution of many members. Suspected of owning his own enterprise; location uncertain.

COCAINE DISTRIBUTION – Believed to be trafficking for principal weasel8672 from Morningwood warehouse. No evidence connecting him to enterprise.

METHAMPHETAMINE PRODUCTION – Possible principal behind meth den in Blaine County. Suspected due to association with known meth producers in the area.

COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY PRODUCTION – Confirmed counterfeit production business. Evidence was being built during an investigation when the location abruptly shut down.

AGGRAVATED ASSAULT – Believed to be muscle behind juror intimidation in the marijuana cultivation and distribution trial of DHMC Vice President MadEmpyr. Five of the 12 jurors were intimidated, with one beaten hard enough to be put in Mount Zonah Medical Center.

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