Has spent time in association with criminal entity AIM as well as the Mohawk Warrior Society. Narrowly escaped prosecution in 1990 during Oka Crisis.

Arrest Record

INDECENT EXPOSURE – Arrested April 2016. Exposed genitals to multiple adults waiting for their turn on the roller coaster in Pleasure Pier Amusement Park. Paid ticket of $1,000 and spent 30 days in county lockup.

DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY – Arrested May 2016. Defaced multiple signs for political candidates. Paid fine and restitution.

ASSAULT OF GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL – Punched an officer of Sûreté du Québec during the Oka Crisis in 1990. Not charged due to resolution of conflict.

RESISTING ARREST – Present during land dispute over Mohawk land of Oka in Quebec, Canada in 1990. Resisted arrest, during which he struck an officer of Sûreté du Québec.

Suspected Activities

RACKETEERING – 2013-Present. Member of Damned Heathens Motorcycle Club, ongoing criminal enterprise.

POSSESSION OF A DESTRUCTIVE DEVICE – Purchases consistent with those of explosives manufacturing. Could be in possession of a large number of explosives.

GRAND THEFT – Accused by several victims of kidnapping their pet cats. No evidence tying Kwekink to the crimes has been found, and all cats were returned to their owners. It is unknown what the subject allegedly does with the pet cats while they’re in his custody. It’s possible the subject has sexual intent.

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