Arrest Record

ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON – Repeatedly hit Blaine County resident Jesus Shuttlesworth with a mag flashlight, resulting in a major concussion and extensive bruising. Released when Shuttlesworth declined to press charges.

RESISTING ARREST, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE – Arrested March 2015. Hired along with fellow Damned Heathens motorcycle gang members to act as bodyguards for noted Vinewood action star Harris Duckworth. Arrest happened when Los Santos police pulled over Duckworth’s Ubermacht. Instead of allowing police to search the vehicle, ImBeastStatus obstructed Officer Wilson. When Wilson attempted to arrest him, ImBeastStatus elbowed the officer in the face, knocking out two front teeth. He was eventually subdued. Case pending.

Suspected Activities

RACKETEERING – 2013-Present. Member of Damned Heathens Motorcycle Club, ongoing criminal enterprise.

INTIMIDATION OF WITNESSES – Believed to be responsible for intimidation of witnesses in the high profile sexual assault case of Vinewood actor Harris Duckworth.

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