Case Number: 52.432876498 headshot-docganoodle
Name: DocGanoodle
D.O.B.: 9/6/1989
Sex: Male
Build: Muscular
Height: 6′
Weight: 210 lb.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Possessed
Race: Italian-American
Affiliation: Damned Heathens Motorcycle Club
Position: Patched Member
Associates: MightyCasey12


Special Operations Medic (18D) with 10th Special Forces Group out of Colorado. He deployed to Afghanistan 4 times, on record, an unknown amount of time off record. As well as Iraq 3 times, on record, unknown, off. Doc is a master of medicine as well as evasion (he escaped Guantanamo), as well as being a Master of Arms. Doc lived a very decent life until the brutal murder of his wife and children, after which, he went crazy.

Arrest Record

FIRST DEGREE MURDER – May 2016. After his wife and kids were murdered by a known terrorist, Doc went out and murdered the terrorist, but not before murdering the terrorists’ family before his very eyes.

FAILURE TO OBEY ORDER – March 2016. Doc was discharged dishonorably from the United States Army in March after disobeying a direct order from a commanding officer to murder innocent civilians.

Suspected Activities

RACKETEERING – 2016-Present. Member of Damned Heathens Motorcycle Club, ongoing criminal enterprise.

ESCAPED PRISON – Having escaped from a maximum security, Guantanamo Bay, precisely, in July 2016. Doc has taken membership with the Damned Heathens Motorcycle Club under an assumed identity.