Served United States military internationally and inside borders with the outfit colloquially known as “Guerrilla Task Force 7.” Many past members of this outfit are now patched or prospects with the Damned Heathens Motorcycle Club.

Arrest Record

NARCOTICS SMUGGLING – Arrested 2014. Caught on tarmac at the end of commercial flight from Caracas, Venezuela to Los Santos International Airport. Claimed to be transporting 100 kilos of high quality Venezuelan baking flour. Tests proved product to be 100% pure uncut cocaine. Within 24 hours, the narcotics disappeared from police lockup, only to be replaced with 100 kilos of actual flour. Without evidence, weasel8672 was released.

Suspected Activities

RACKETEERING – 2013-Present. Member of Damned Heathens Motorcycle Club, ongoing criminal enterprise.

MARIJUANA CULTIVATION – Possibly the principal behind a known hemp grow house in Vinewood. Business monitored.

COCAINE DISTRIBUTION – Confirmed principal behind known coke house in Morningwood. Location not locked down.

DOCUMENT FORGERY – Principal behind enterprise forging documents en masse. FIB informant was on staff inside the facility. Shut down in 2016, informant whereabouts unknown.

METHAMPHETAMINE PRODUCTION – Possible principal behind meth den, location changes. Significant producer of methamphetamine in San Andreas. Evidence gathering.

COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY PRODUCTION – Confirmed counterfeit bills used from business in several points throughout the country. Whereabouts of operation unknown, might be fluid as in other businesses. Dummy corporation front called “H.O.A.R. House.”