These souls have been banished from Damned Heathens MC. They did not get out clean.

ThermalDante23 ratted on the brothers to another MC. That MC alerted the Heathens. SCUBASHARK999 put a bullet in Dante’s head.

The UmAd MESEGR was unwilling to be a part of the Club and only wanted the patch. The patch isn’t for part-timers. 

jkellyg had no time for the brothers. They’ve got no time for him. Excommunicated.

Disappeared without a trace, Ambition iP was caught later and taught a lesson about abandoning the brotherhood.

MalikaiAG, treacherous traitor, started a war with the brothers. He got what was coming to him, as well as his talentless hack lackeys The Southern, Kimmer06 and RedBulll.