Prospect Orientation

“Life ain’t worth living if you can’t be sinning.”


PantherU, Founder and National President, DHMC

Welcome to DHMC

The Damned Heathens Motorcycle Club was started in summer 2016 by PantherU and MightyCasey12, to be a fictional motorcycle club in GTA Online along the theme of real-life outlaw clubs such as the Outlaws MC, Bandidos MC, Hell’s Angels MC and Pagans MC, as well as the club from the fictional television show Sons of Anarchy. The fact that Rockstar had announced Bikers DLC not long after the club’s beginning was a happy coincidence that has allowed us to keep the fiction alive in great ways.

Our plan is for the Damned Heathens to stretch out all over GTA Online with chapters all over San Andreas. Our hope is that DHMC is just our original presence on Grand Theft Auto; we’d like the Damned Heathens to cover any number of games, so that members will always have friends no matter what game they’re playing. You’re not just prospecting to show us your skills in GTA, but also how you fit personally with the other people in our crew.

Playing the same game on different systems, we decided that we could start two mother charters concurrently – originally Nomads, we found our home with the GTA Online Bikers DLC update: an abandoned gas station in Harmony, a small town in the Great Chapparal region between Los Santos and Sandy Shores.

As a prospect to DHMC, you’re expected to take on several responsibilities to the Club. Before you can be patched in, you’ll be taken on the Prospect Ride, a tour of difficulty where the charter’s Road Captain will be evaluating your talent in riding a motorcycle. As we are an MC, any official Club events will require you to be on your bike, and we need to know you’re adept at riding a motorcycle – the last thing we want is for you to show you’re incapable of performing the most simple task that comes with being in a motorcycle club, riding.

But you can’t just bring any bike to the Clubhouse and expect to fall in formation. This isn’t Tron. You’re not delivering pizzas. You’re required to own and ride one of the DHMC-approved American chopper-style motorcycles. Any exceptions from this list must be cleared with the chapter president and cannot be done while a prospect of the MC.

  • Bagger
  • Daemon
  • Hexer
  • Innovation
  • Sovereign
  • Cliffhanger
  • Gargoyle
  • Avarus
  • Chimera
  • Nightblade
  • Rat Bike
  • Sanctus
  • Wolfsbane
  • Zombie Bobber
  • Zombie Chopper

Prospects aren’t just required to ride certain bikes. You’re also required, during official DHMC functions, to dress in appropriate garb. This includes a leather or denim biker jacket or vest on which you’ve added the “Crew Emblem” to the back. This is your “kutte,” the piece of clothing that identifies you as a Damned Heathen – or rather, in your case, a prospect of the Damned Heathens. The prospect crew has its own Crew Emblem, which features a bottom rocker saying “PROSPECT” and “DHMC” along the side.

Prove yourself worthy and you’ll earn your top rocker – and with it, the Skull & V-Twin, the official logo of the Damned Heathens.

Besides the kutte, use your best judgment when putting together your outfit for DHMC business. If you show up looking like an asshole, be prepared to be treated like an asshole – and also to be on rocky standing with the Club.

Getting past the brotherhood, the fun events, the group rides and the battles, what you’ll find most changes with your GTA Online experience is money. That’s because DHMC makes a lot of it. We have our hands in a lot of cookie jars – and those cookie jars have counterfeit cash, forged documents, cocaine, marijuana and methamphetamine in them (fictionally, of course). You’ll also be humping crates for members – just don’t ask what’s in them. If Johnny Law ever sniffs around, we’re just a Club. But when he’s looking the other way, we’re a Club that makes a lot of cash, and we do it any way we can.

During your probationary period, you’ll be told to do a lot of work for patched members of the club. This means that you’ll be humping crates, picking up supplies and making big sales. You’ll make money, but it’s possible you might not make as much money as you might if you’re on your own. Fear not, prospect, because you’ll make a lot more once you have the Skull & V-Twin on your back.

Think of this as networking – your opportunity to prove yourself worthy to people who are going to help you get rich.

Now that you know what’s expected of you in game, it’s time to talk about the tools that you’ll need to get you there. First, know that you’re free men, able to live your lives in-game how you want. But we’re governed by the Constitution of the DHMC. This document provides the basic framework for rules and regulations of the Club.

First off, you’ll see how the Rockstar Social Club matches up with DHMC. There are six officer positions in DHMC, and their rank on Social Club is next to each:

  • President – Leader
  • Vice President – Commissioner
  • Secretary – Commissioner
  • Sergeant-at-Arms – Lieutenant
  • Enforcer – Lieutenant
  • Road Captain – Lieutenant

The Secretary has the same level as the Vice President to allow them to perform some of their duties, but in reality the Secretary is at the same level as the SA, Enforcer and Road Captain. The Wrecking Crew that supports the Enforcer is at the “Representatives” level, and all basic patch members are at the base “Muscle” level.

You’ll notice that, as a prospect, it says you are a member of the Damned Heathens MC on Rockstar Social Club. This is because we had a split near the beginning of our history where the Harmony Original charters on Playstation 4 and Xbox One started their own crews, which allowed us to put the prospect patch on the original crew. This means that any new charter of DHMC – with club approval – will be a separate crew on Social Club.

All you need to know at this point is that you’re a grunt, and you need to prove your worth if you want to get to the next level.

In DHMC, we want to make sure everyone is able to take part in the fun. That’s why we use Slack, a website and mobile app that allows us to communicate with each other in a permanent, instant way without having to deal with the cumbersome messaging on Xbox and their mobile app.

You’ll find our Slack Channel up above, which is the best way to communicate with brothers outside Xbox. We put up planned votes ahead of meetings (we call that Church) so that you can be educated on what the votes are about. You’re also able to see all sides of the argument and participate in that as well.

Slack is divided up into channels, which allow you to see and share information pertaining to that specific group. Each charter has their own specific channel, as well as each platform (#ps4 and #xb1 to start). You’re also able to have private discussion with members if you need to talk without prying eyes, just click on the member you need to talk to and go from there.

Now we’re down to it, the most sacred place of our Club. We’re not religious, but we attend Church. There may not be a steeple on top, but there is a Chapel. And everything that goes on in there is our private business. When we’re in Church, everything that is discussed stays at the Table.

As a prospect, you will not speak during Church unless you are spoken to. You haven’t earned the right to weigh in. Any major decisions by the Club are made at Church. These decisions are not to be shared outside that room. If you’re in the group chat on a headset, you must be silent.

Your prospect period is 12 earth days, minimum. You must play 12 sessions on 12 separate days with patched members of the Club, and they will report to the Secretary and President when you’ve ridden with them. In the game, 12 days is equal to one year. This is the standard prospect period for members.

During that period, you will have a sponsor. That person will evaluate you over the prospect period and regularly give updates on your status to the rest of the crew. Without a sponsor’s support, you stand very little chance of patching in.

Once you’ve finished your prospecting period, the full charter will vote at Church as to whether or not you will make it into the crew. This is called “patching in,” and is the only way you get to be a member of DHMC. Members can abstain from voting, but a single “No” vote will send you back to continue prospecting.

At any moment, an officer or your sponsor can pull off your kutte and kick you out of the prospect crew if they feel you’ve permanently put yourself outside the patch.

The Damned Heathens Motorcycle Club is all about the mythology. We want to create a long, storied history across many charters. We want that history to be documented, so please, take Snapmatic pictures, make videos, and forge your story as the next Heathen.

What’s up first? Fill out your profile and get your picture taken in the game so that we can get your full page situated as soon as you get patched in.

See you in San Andreas.