Patch Vote

This vote is for the patch. All votes must be in by 11:59 Eastern Standard Time on Thursday, October 27th, 2016. To cast your ballot, email or by indicating your choice on the new Slack channel #ballot.

Before we begin, a note: #4 in some of these features a black spot on the skull. That patch will not be there in the final patch. Also, the words may not be perfectly centered on the rockers. They will be in the final patch, these are just rough sketches.

Question A: Would you like the patch to remain as it is, or would you like to change it? 1) Keep 2) Change

If you chose 1) Keep, you may finish this ballot right now.

Question B: Which font do you prefer?


Question C: What color do you want the patch to be? 1) Black/White 2) Black/Cream [weathered] 3) Black/Grey 4) Blue/White


Question 4: What symbol would you like to appear on the patch? 1) Triskelion 2) Valknut [current] 3) Triquetra 4) None


Question 5: Where would you like the symbol to appear on the patch? 1) No symbol 2) MC on engine block 3) Symbol on Engine block 4) Symbol on forehead


Question 6: Do you favor an MC patch on the side? 1) Yes 2) No 3) I voted 2 on question 5

Again, make sure your answers go to the Slack channel #ballot or Votes can be given to PantherU directly if you’re not able to use the other two modes of voting.