Respect and Brotherhood

Those are the words that ring in my head whenever I think about what makes the Damned Heathens Motorcycle Club special. After years of jumping from crew to crew, I found no satisfaction in being a member of groups. Crews seemed to be a way for people to wear certain colors or put on a patch that looked cool. There was no camaraderie, no connection. I decided that I was going to find something to be a part of, something to be proud of, something that gave the camaraderie and connection that every crew lacked.

In the early days, it looked like the Nordic Disciples MC was it for me. It was a crew of guys that all seemed to enjoy playing with each other, despite the fact that it was repetitive. I had camaraderie, or at least I thought I did. I was building to it, let’s put it like that.

One night, the ugly truth of the NDMC was put on vivid display. These guys who had patched me in, what held them together wasn’t brotherhood or anything like that. They were held together by hate. Hate for color, hate for other religions, hate for anyone that didn’t look or act like them. It was a hate that I didn’t have in my heart. Their treatment of deadfez and godseadog caused me to cast off the patch of hate. I spent my time chasing them down and killing them like the dogs that they are. I had help along the way; Malikai in particular relished the chance to destroy these angels of hate.

Looking around, I realized I had a brotherhood already. There were people who I spent my time with in San Andreas, doing whatever illegal activities suited us in the moment. We were all free to do whatever we wanted, but we didn’t have anything to pull us together.

One long night, MightyCasey12 and I spent time discussing what we wanted. Brotherhood had existed all along, and respect for others was paramount in a world where respect was not easy to find. We loved the freedom of doing what we wanted – running crates, racing bikes, doing missions, VIP work, it’s all been what we live for in San Andreas.

So we decided to start DHMC, for the degenerates who live life in San Andreas how we want. All we need is a metal horse to ride and the freedom to do whatever the hell we please.

We’re the ones cast aside, the ones who have been damned for how we live. We’re marked for Hell.

We are Heathens.

XB1: PantherU

  • Damned Heathens MC founded by PantherU (Xbox One) and MightyCasey12 (Playstation 4). Charters are created. The Nomad patch is chosen because until the Biker DLC, we have no home.
  • September 28th, 2016, DHMC has its first meeting on Xbox One. All present take on the patch first, with more members added the 29th.
  • October 4th, 2016, Bikers DLC drops. DHMC chooses an abandoned gas station in Harmony, a small town in the Great Chapparal region. It’s chosen for its central location, remoteness of being outside the city, and nearby amenities (clothing stores, mod shop, Ammu-Nation, Sandy Shores airstrip and more).
  • DHMC begins a strong push into several nefarious activities. In addition to the trafficking of illegal contraband, the club begins a push into drugs and forgery of documents and cash among other things.
  • DHMC’s Xbox One Originals charter puts down a faction started by two former patches, Snuff and Painslayer.
  • MalikaiAG, starting member and first Sergeant-at-Arms, betrays the crew, turning on members and starting a war, the first for DHMC.
  • The Savage War, between DHMC and Elite Savages MC, lasts three weeks and features five main battles. The first is a decisive victory for ESMC. However, once the Wicked Boyz MC step in to help their allies in DHMC, the tide turns. DHMC sweeps the rest of the war.
  • Harmony Original Vice President MadEmpyr arrested and sent to Bolingbrooke Prison for marijuana trafficking.