The Future of the MC

As the Damned Heathens MC grows, it’s never too early to start thinking of the future. To help shape that future, we need to recognize our problems – both current and potential.

When we started, it was simple enough that we would all be under one crew in the Rockstar Social Club. The crew size was manageable then and still is, even though the crew has grown beyond 40 members as we near the end of October.

Eventually, there will be so many people that it’s going to be hard for Xbox One and PS4 to bring everyone to the table, let alone same session. No matter the system, we will want to split off new charters to make things legit. But as it stands, the charters are all going to have the same look, just as the XB1 and PS4 charters do right now. There’s no distinction.

I’ve had a few people slip through the cracks. There have been multiple people who have made it into the Rockstar Social Club crew without me knowing who they are; likewise, there are Xbox players who have been brought into the crew who are unknown to MightyCasey12 and the PS4 charter.

Through Slack and the maintenance of a spreadsheet database, all of our patched members have been able to be tracked. We’re able to know who is making it to meetings, who isn’t, who is plugged into Slack and who isn’t. Overall, we’re able to keep track of patched members.

Malikai (Deceased)

Who is this guy? XB1 members may not recognize this as the traitor Malikai’s second character. But anyone in Social Club can wear the patch.

And yet, we’re losing track of people. There have been people who have been brought into the fold who are unknowns. They get into DHMC on Social Club, so they’re able to wear the patch on their back and do so without participating in the actual club. They’re lurkers, they contribute nothing but reap the rewards of being a patched member of DHMC.

Which brings me to my second point. As of right now, the policy of the club is to have prospects in DHMC refrain from wearing the patch until they are officially patched into the Motorcycle Club.

This poses a few problems.

  1.  Prospects who want to be a part of the crew are forced to not wear any emblem at all, which makes it seem like they are independents and not part of something. We want them to be part of something.
  2. For some prospects, we don’t know whether or not they’re actually avoiding wearing the patch or putting it on their cars and bikes. As prospects, we’re evaluating them for membership. There will be prospects who can’t cut the mustard.
  3. There’s no difference between prospects and patched members. There’s no way for someone new to tell the difference unless they walk up behind someone in the crew and look at their back.
This crew has different patches for different tiers of membership. They have a support crew as well as prospects.

This crew has different patches for different tiers of membership. They have a support crew as well as prospects.

This hurts the exclusivity of the club, it blurs the line between prospects and patches and it makes the look of the club uniformly plain.

Speaking of the look, for those who don’t know we’re bringing in a new patch. This one will be photoshopped, it will look excellent, and it’s going to be something you WANT to fight to wear. Other MC’s will look at your back and turn green with envy.

This is a rough sketch of what the new patch could look like. Join the discussion on Slack and weigh in.

This is a rough sketch of what the new patch could look like. Join the discussion on Slack and weigh in.

Following the new beginnings with this look, we can use the Social Club structure to give membership tiers and even new charters distinct looks.

As this is still a video game, some members may be unable to make it to Church for their charter. On Xbox we’ve been having it Thursday nights; last week we only mustered a few patches, and there hasn’t been one day where everyone was at the table.

People have lives. People have work, family, friends, and other pursuits outside the game. Hell, they play other games. Being a member of DHMC is great, but membership has its commitments. If there’s a point where you know you’re going to be gone for a long period of time and you won’t be able to keep up with your commitments, at the moment there’s no way of showing you’re inactive or unable to be a contributing member of your charter. On the flip side of that coin, there’s no way for leadership to know whether or not you’re available without talking. And some people are never available.

In front of us, the Damned Heathens MC has several issues that hold us back from making it as a full, powerful crew.

  • The current patch represents our current Social Club crew, which is simple looking and uniform throughout all Damned Heathens MC members and prospects.
  • We’re unable to track prospects who may just be lurkers, free to wear the patch without earning it.
  • There’s no distinction between charters. As of right now that’s Xbox and PlayStation. In the future, that’s the difference between multiple charters in the same system. It’s between prospects and patches as well.
  • Some members run into problems where their life gets in the way of the game. I have no problem with that; I know life will get in the way for me sometimes too. But as of right now, people can get lost and there’s no way to know if they are around. Which makes depending on them difficult.
  • With one charter on each system, room for advancement gets smaller with each new patch. There is only one President, Vice President, Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms, Enforcer and Road Captain. Challenges allow people to take the role away for themselves, but there’s still not enough to go around.

Recognizing these issues as well as others, you can see that the Damned Heathens MC has a lot of decisions that have to be made before the problems, both current and future, become too big to contain.

With that, here’s my proposal: with the new patch coming, we should create multiple crews on Rockstar Social Club to make things not just easier to manage, but easier on the eyes.

Here’s a rough sketch of what I’m proposing:

This would be the timeline:

  1. First, a new patch. The new DHMC patch will look legit, something photoshopped to look real – and really cool.
  2. The creation of a separate crew patch to go with new charters. At first, a PS4 patch to go with the emblem and an XB1 patch to go on our emblem. Each would get dropped into a new Rockstar Social Club crew, with the presidents (myself and MightyCasey12) inviting all of our patched members into the crews.
  3. All prospects, regardless of charter, will remain in the current DHMC crew. That crew will become our Prospect Crew, which I will dub the Purgatory Chapter. That crew will get a new emblem that will resemble the yellow #1 change. All prospects who participate in DHMC will have a patch that makes them distinct. Any lurkers who don’t participate will likely quit, since they won’t have a cool looking patch to wear.
  4. Members who are unable to participate in their DHMC chapter but are patched members will have the option of going Nomad. This will be a separate crew on Rockstar Social Club, with a bottom rocker that carries the “NOMAD” name. In real life, Nomad members are not tied to any one charter, but they are still members and can sit at any charter’s table.
  5. Speaking of “any charter,” eventually the size of each charter will be too big for people to maintain. We will create separate crews, with the president of the new charter signifying where they will be. That charter will get its own patch with a different bottom rocker, making it so they are their own crew but still Damned Heathens. They will carry the XB1 or PS4 patch as well as all uniform patches that we decide upon for the new patch.

My suggestion for new charters is this: A minimum of six members of a charter can vote to create their own charter. These members can take this to the table of their current charter, but the charter they are leaving must also have a minimum of six members for the split to go through. That means each charter must have a minimum of twelve patched members or else a split cannot happen.

I also want to impress upon people that I don’t think that splits should happen unless the size of a crew is untenable, or the relationships inside each charter have deteriorated to the point where it’s better for them to maintain their membership and move to a different place. We’re all Damned Heathens, but eventually that becomes tough for everyone to stay together.

I want this to be something that we discuss before we vote on it. But let’s do this; it’s the next step for DHMC.