Rules and Regulations


The rules of the club will be strictly enforced. If anyone breaks them, executive board will deal with the problem. If these rules and regulations are broken, it could mean either immediate dismissal or suspension, whatever the executive board sees fit.

Breaking any of the following Rules will be reason for immediately kick-out from club and probably an ass-kicking:

  1. If a patch holder or prospect throws his colors or quits, colors are pulled (Automatic kick-out from club).
  2. Members cannot belong to any other clubs.
  3. If a group or individual attacks any member, the whole club shall stand behind him and fight if necessary.
  4. No member will destroy club property purposely.
  5. No member will take the attitude that he doesn’t have to help other members and other members don’t have to help him in times of need.
  6. No member will go against anything the club has voted for and passed.
  7. No member will get together on their own and plan something for themselves on club rides. It will be brought up to the whole club and the whole club will participate in anything that is decided upon.
  8. The club will always stay together on rides, runs, parties, field meets etc. and will not fraternize with club’s rival clubs.
  9. Members will have good attendance. Members must have a good reason for not attending meetings or rides, such as working, sickness, or other legitimate prior obligations.


If anyone breaks general rules, executive board will deal with them and/or voted by the court.

  1. No explosives of any kind will be thrown into the fire where there is one or more Damned Heathens in the area. FINE: Ass whipping and subject to the executive board.
  2. Brother shall not fight each other with weapons; when any Heathen fights another Heathen, it is one on one, prospects same as members. FINE: Offender must take financial loss of destroying one member’s non-motorcycle personal vehicle or possible loss of patch with repeat offense.
  3. If you don’t help out the Club in its activities and you use the Club solely for your benefit, you will be warned. No second chance.
  4. Do as you say or walk the line.
  5. Damned Heathens who lose privilege of wearing colors will also lose privilege of voting and ruling over prospects.
  6. The treasurer shall keep a clear record of all money paid in and out during the week and will balance it before every meeting; the books will be gone over once a week.
  7. All Damned Heathens fines will be paid in the same session as the Executive Council’s decision is made. Fines will be monitored by the Enforcer.
  8. Where we go on our rides will be voted upon by the entire membership.
  9. Everyone must have an American bike from Western Motorcycle Company or LCC. Consideration will be give to any member who is in between bikes but he must sincerely intend to get another bike in the near future.
  10. If a member is not running his bike with the crew at least once a week, they’ll be at risk of losing their patch. This period is subject to change at the discretion of the executive board. This is a MOTORCYCLE CLUB!
  11. Confirmation vote is required for all new patch-holders at their 12-day point. Unanimous vote from all good standing members present for the meeting is required.
  12. Annual Run is mandatory. Date and run will be determined every December by Executive Council.
  13. There shall be a wrecking crew consisting of the Enforcer and three present non-officer members designated by the Enforcer and inside the Enforcer’s VIP organization in free roam. The purpose of the wrecking crew is to be the first wave of attackers in case a member or their property is messed with by any citizens.
  14. Prospect will watch all bikes when members are at Club functions, in bars, and anywhere the senior member present deems necessary. This includes when the club is at the table – prospects will remain outside protecting the rides.
  15. There will be a system-wide (Xbox One, PS4) Club run on a Sunday once a month. Whoever picks the run route will lead the pack. The day of the Club run will be decided by the Executive Councils of each charter on each system.