1. Prospects must be at least 17 years old. No squeakers allowed.
  2. Prospects must have a Western or LCC motorcycle.
  3. Prospects must show a sincere interest in the club and bikes.
  4. Prospects on the road must have bike equipped for the road.
  5. Prospect must be sponsored by one member who will watch over them during their probationary period.
  6. Sponsor is responsible for prospect during this time.
  7. Sponsor can pull a prospect’s rockers at his discretion and notify an officer to remove them from the crew in Rockstar Social Club.
  8. Prospects must attend all meetings and club functions.
  9. Prospects must do anything another member tells him to do, that a member has done or would be willing to do himself.
  10. Prospect will stand behind club and members.
  11. No stealing from prospects or members, or committing destruction of property.
  12. Prospect members must be voted in. Two ‘no’ votes equal a rejection. One ‘no’ vote must be explained.
  13. Prospective member’s prospecting period is a minimum of 12 days, unless members of the club vote to waive remaining time. They must play with other patches at least four times during their period to make a vote.
  14. Vote must be unanimous for prospect to be patched into the club.
  15. Only the sponsor or an officer may hand out a patch to a prospect. This will be done at a meeting with only patch holders present.