Damned Heathens MC is a motorcycle club within the video game Grand Theft Auto Online. President, Vice President, and Secretary are all elected officers. The Sergeant-at-Arms is appointed by the President with a confidence vote from patch-holders in good standing required. The Enforcer is determined by a fists-only best-of-three melee fight, with a vacancy determined by a tournament involving all interested patches. Road Captain is determined by an impromptu bike race, the destination of which is determined by the President or Vice President.

The President, Vice President, Secretary, Sergeant-at-Arms and Enforcer are voting members of the Executive Council, with the Road Captain existing as an ex-oficio (non-voting) member.


The executive duties of the president are as follows:

  1. To preside over meetings of both the Executive Board and the club as a whole.
  2. To judge items not covered in the constitution or in the rules regulations.
  3. To act as the personal representative of the club in the area of public relations; as a liaison between the DHMC and other crews.
  4. To represent the club in any club business contacts and to supervise major economic transactions.
  5. To assist DHMC officers in the interpretation of their club responsibilities, and to promote club life among members in general.
  6. To make decisions on activities for the club when there is not a consensus among members.


  1. To assume the responsibilities of the presidency when the president is unable to do so.
  2. To maintain a VIP organization to create revenue streams as needed.
  3. To run activities for prospects to accurately assess their talent and fit with the club.
  4. To notify members of upcoming rides and meetings.


The executive duties of the sergeant-at-arms are as follows:

  1. To sit at the president’s right during club meetings and advise him in all matters.
  2. To protect the president in the field from attack.
  3. To keep order during meetings so as to expedite the process for the president and secretary.
  4. To run the wrecking crew when the enforcer is unable to do so.


The executive duties of the secretary are as follows:

  1. To record and safeguard the minutes of the club meetings, including all records of votes.
  2. To be the main contact point for any members who will not be able to make meetings.
  3. To maintain the list with names and probationary term length of prospects.
  4. To notify the president of any prospects whose probationary term is ending within three days.


The executive duties of the enforcer are as follows:

  1. To maintain the “wrecking crew,” an assembled group of members whose job is to deal with outside threats to members in free roam.
  2. To ensure that members adhere to club rulings, policies, and expected models of conduct when dealing with other members or outsiders.
  3. To defend club members, property, or territory from outside threats.


The executive duties of the road captain are as follows:

  1. To keep the rules and formation of the pack in group riding.
  2. To monitor prospects to make sure they are riding behind patched members and have requisite talent.
  3. To protect and shepherd anyone who dumps their bike from crash back to formation.


The executive board consists of those members who carry titles. The board holds scheduled meetings every two weeks. Emergency meetings can be called if a situation arises that demands immediate attention. The executive board is responsible for:

  1. The monitoring of conflicts within the club.
  2. The application of disciplinary procedures.
  3. The evaluation of prospects and their progress.
  4. The presentation of summarized assessments of the overall club situation to the membership (church).


  1. One organized meeting per week.
  2. Majority rules.
  3. If a vote is taken at a meeting and a member is not there and has not given vote by proxy to the president, their vote is void.
  4. Meetings will be closed except for prospective members and anyone there on business.
  5. All meetings will be run on a parliamentary basis. Members will be evicted for unruly conduct.
  6. Quorum for a meeting is sixty percent of membership and eighty percent for membership votes.
  7. Everyone will attend the meeting on their bike. If the club calls a ride/meeting, all members will attend. If a member is working, sick, or has a prior engagement, he will be excused. The member must notify the secretary of their reason.
  8. Officer challenges can only be done once per month during meetings. The President and Vice President patches can only be challenged by an existing officer. Remaining officer patches can be challenged by a patched member who has been a member for at least two years of in-game time (24 days). However, if a Heathen repeatedly uses work as an excuse for not ‘being there,’ he will be ‘talked to.’ Members must have the patch on them when attending meetings.
  9. During a meeting there will be no talking among members until they get the floor through the president. The sergeant-at-arms will maintain order and, if not present, the enforcer will assume this duty. Anyone not abiding by the above will be evicted.
  10. Miss three (3) meetings in a row and you’re out of the club.
  11. Anyone missing meetings without a valid excuse will be fined by way of having to destroy three owned vehicles of members and pay the insurance.


  1. Prospects must be at least 17 years old. No squeakers allowed.
  2. Prospects must have a Western or LCC motorcycle.
  3. Prospects must show a sincere interest in the club and bikes.
  4. Prospects on the road must have bike equipped for the road.
  5. Prospect must be sponsored by one member who will watch over them during their probationary period.
  6. Sponsor is responsible for prospect during this time.
  7. Sponsor can pull a prospect’s rockers at his discretion and notify an officer to remove them from the crew in Rockstar Social Club.
  8. Prospects must attend all meetings and club functions.
  9. Prospects must do anything another member tells him to do, that a member has done or would be willing to do himself.
  10. Prospect will stand behind club and members.
  11. No stealing from prospects or members, or committing destruction of property.
  12. Prospect members must be voted in. Two ‘no’ votes equal a rejection. One ‘no’ vote must be explained.
  13. Prospective member’s prospecting period is a minimum of 12 days, unless members of the club vote to waive remaining time. They must play with other patches at least four times during their period to make a vote.
  14. Vote must be unanimous for prospect to be patched into the club.
  15. Only the sponsor or an officer may hand out a patch to a prospect. This will be done at a meeting with only patch holders present.


The rules of the club will be strictly enforced. If anyone breaks them, executive board will deal with the problem. If these rules and regulations are broken, it could mean either immediate dismissal or suspension, whatever the executive board sees fit.

Breaking any of the following Rules will be reason for immediately kick-out from club and probably an ass-kicking:

  1. If a patch holder or prospect throws his colors or quits, colors are pulled (Automatic kick-out from club).
  2. Members cannot belong to any other clubs.
  3. If a group or individual attacks any member, the whole club shall stand behind him and fight if necessary.
  4. No member will destroy club property purposely.
  5. No member will take the attitude that he doesn’t have to help other members and other members don’t have to help him in times of need.
  6. No member will go against anything the club has voted for and passed.
  7. No member will get together on their own and plan something for themselves on club rides. It will be brought up to the whole club and the whole club will participate in anything that is decided upon.
  8. The club will always stay together on rides, runs, parties, field meets etc. and will not fraternize with club’s rival clubs.
  9. Members will have good attendance. Members must have a good reason for not attending meetings or rides, such as working, sickness, or other legitimate prior obligations.
  10. Once prospects earn their patch, they are initiated into DHMC with a group defense of the Lost Clubhouse. All patches present will ride as a group from their Chapter’s Clubhouse, take over the Lost Clubhouse and spend 30 minutes defending it against the authorities. Heathens ride together and die together.


If anyone breaks general rules, executive board will deal with them and/or voted by the court.

  1. No explosives of any kind will be thrown into the fire where there is one or more Damned Heathens in the area. FINE: Ass whipping and subject to the executive board.
  2. Brother shall not fight each other with weapons; when any Heathen fights another Heathen, it is one on one, prospects same as members. FINE: Offender must take financial loss of destroying one member’s non-motorcycle personal vehicle or possible loss of patch with repeat offense.
  3. If you don’t help out the Club in its activities and you use the Club solely for your benefit, you will be warned. No second chance.
  4. Do as you say or walk the line.
  5. Damned Heathens who lose privilege of wearing colors will also lose privilege of voting and ruling over prospects.
  6. The treasurer shall keep a clear record of all money paid in and out during the week and will balance it before every meeting; the books will be gone over once a week.
  7. All Damned Heathens fines will be paid in the same session as the Executive Council’s decision is made. Fines will be monitored by the Enforcer.
  8. Where we go on our rides will be voted upon by the entire membership.
  9. Everyone must have an American bike from Western Motorcycle Company or LCC. Consideration will be give to any member who is in between bikes but he must sincerely intend to get another bike in the near future.
  10. If a member is not running his bike with the crew at least once a week, they’ll be at risk of losing their patch. This period is subject to change at the discretion of the executive board. This is a MOTORCYCLE CLUB!
  11. Confirmation vote is required for all new patch-holders at their 12-day point. Unanimous vote from all good standing members present for the meeting is required.
  12. Annual Run is mandatory. Date and run will be determined every December by Executive Council.
  13. There shall be a wrecking crew consisting of the Enforcer and three present non-officer members designated by the Enforcer and inside the Enforcer’s VIP organization in free roam. The purpose of the wrecking crew is to be the first wave of attackers in case a member or their property is messed with by any citizens.
  14. Prospect will watch all bikes when members are at Club functions, in bars, and anywhere the senior member present deems necessary. This includes when the club is at the table – prospects will remain outside protecting the rides.
  15. There will be a system-wide (Xbox One, PS4) Club run on a Sunday once a month. Whoever picks the run route will lead the pack. The day of the Club run will be decided by the Executive Councils of each charter on each system.


  1. Damned Heathens Motorcycle Club aims to be more than the usual crew on Grand Theft Auto V. Indeed, the crew exists beyond San Andreas and cross over into a number of games as the Damned Heathens. Should a member wish to leave the crew, they must follow the rules for leaving or else they risk club retribution.
  2. Crew departure must be brought to the table. Any patched member wishing to leave must come to Church and explain to their fellow members why they hope to leave DHMC. Once they have given their reasons, the sitting president will open the floor for any patched members to ask questions or say their peace to the member who asks for release.
  3. Once all present patched members have had the opportunity to speak, the president will speak. They have the final say before the Club votes on whether to grant release.
  4. All Club members present, regardless of charter, will vote on whether or not to grant the member their release from the Club. The member who is asking for release does not have a vote.
  5. The vote for release must be unanimous. Without a 100% vote for release, the departing member and the Club will have unresolved issues. Once a ‘nay’ vote has been cast, the vote is void and the Club will enter into deliberations.
  6. If needed, there will be three votes in that meeting on whether or not to grant release. This is to ensure the Club has every chance to end any unresolved issues with the member.
  7. After being granted release by the Club, the departing member will be removed from the crew on Rockstar Social Club. This will kick them back to the character selection screen. They will also leave the party immediately, as they are no longer a member and are not allowed to be present for Church.


  1. Respect is to be shown to all club members, officers, members’, bikes, old ladies, house, job, etc. In other words, if it’s not yours, don’t mess with it.
  2. Respect your colors.
  3. No stealing from members or destruction of property.
  4. No fighting among each other is allowed without consent of the highest-ranking officer in the session; any punches to be thrown will be done by the Sergeant-at-Arms.


The Official Colors of the Damned Heathens Motorcycle Club are White, Smalt Blue and Black.

  1. President gets colors from mother club in area when new member is voted in. Colors must match the mother charter’s patch, with the charter designated by their bottom rocker. This rule is subject to change.
  2. When a member leaves club, member turns over colors to president of chapter and is removed from the crew in Social Club.
  3. Respect your colors; don’t let anyone take them from you except the president of the chapter.
  4. Nothing will be worn on the back of your jacket except colors.
  5. Colors must be worn at all times when riding or at Club functions.
  6. The only way a member of Damned Heathens can retire and keep his patch is if local officers authorize him. Minimum time for retirement is 5 years.